The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
Study Abroad SIG Conference 2021

海外留学(Study Abroad)

Conference 2021

Theme: Study Abroad at Home


Saturday, September 4, 2021 

Online Conference


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About the Conference/Conferenceについて

The Study Abroad SIG Conference seeks to gather researchers, teachers, and students who are interested in presenting and learning about study abroad instruction, research, and student experiences abroad. The objective of this conference is to promote the research of study abroad and give an opportunity for participants to network among like-minded individuals.

The theme this year is "Study Abroad at Home." Professor Keiko Ikeda from Kansai University is our keynote speaker and she will be giving a plenary on "Language learning Focused COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) as a New Gateway for Inclusive International Education." As the spread of COVID-19 has made it difficult for learners to study overseas, we would like to discuss further possibilities of study abroad and international exchanges under this ongoing pandemic. 

The Study Abroad SIG Conference is open to JALT and non-JALT members alike.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

海外留学SIG Conferenceは、海外留学の実践・研究、学生の海外留学経験に興味を持つ研究者、教師、学生の発表および学びの場を提供することを目指しています。本Conferenceを通して、海外留学の研究を促進し、同じ興味・関心を持つ者同士のネットワークの場を創出します。

今年度のテーマは「内なる海外留学」です。関西大学の池田佳子教授を基調講演者としてお招きし、「インクルーシブな国際教育のゲートウェイとしてのCOIL: LLC(言語学習を目的としたCOIL)にフォーカスをあてて」と題してお話しいただきます。新型コロナウィルスの感染拡大で学生たちが海外へ渡航することが難しい状況で、私たちに今できる海外留学/国際交流の可能性について考えたいと思います。



Date: Saturday, September 4, 2021

Time: 9:00-17:00 (Japan Time)

Venue: Online (Access information will be provided after registration.)

Participation Fee: No Charge


時間:   9:00-17:00

会場:   オンライン上(参加方法は、参加申込された方にお伝えします)


Call for Proposals

We would like to invite proposals that will discuss study abroad both outbound and inbound. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Best practices in study abroad

  • Study abroad risk management

  • Effectiveness of study abroad

  • Student experiences abroad


The submission is open to JALT and non-JALT members alike.

For more information, please click here.

Submission Deadline: Sunday, June 20】




  • 海外留学の実践

  • 海外留学のリスク管理

  • 海外留学の有効性

  • 学生の海外留学の経験






Plenary Session/基調講演

Language Learning Focused COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning)

as a New Gateway for Inclusive International Education




Keiko IKEDA, Ph.D.

池田 佳子 教授(Ph.D.)


Dr. Keiko Ikeda is a Professor in the Division of International Affairs, and KU-COIL Coordinator at Kansai University. Recently, she has taken the role as the principal project manager for the Inter-University Exchange Project funded by MEXT, 2018-2022 ("COIL Plus Program to Develop Global Career Mindset"). Dr. Ikeda is Vice-Director for the newly established organization at Kansai University, Institute for Innovative Global Education (IIGE). She has a Ph.D. from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, specializing in Japanese linguistics, foreign language education, and conversation analysis. Her interests in the international education field are internationalization at home, and constructing active learning programs collaborating with universities overseas. Dr. Ikeda also plays a vital role in another line of the on-going government-funded project, SUCCESS-Osaka Project (2017-2021). It promotes the employability of international students who have studied in Japan.

関西大学国際部教授およびKU-COILコーディネーター。「グローバル・キャリアマインドを培うCOIL Plusプログラム」の主任プロジェクトマネージャーであり、グローバル教育イノベーション推進機構(IIGE)の副機構長を務める。ハワイ大学マノア校で日本語学、外国語教育、会話分析を専門とする博士号を取得。国際教育分野における研究は、大学キャンパスでの国際化であり、海外の大学と共同で実施する学習プログラムを構築しています。現在、「グローバル・キャリアマインドを培うCOIL Plusプログラム」の他に、文部科学省委託事業:SUCCESS-Osaka(留学生の就職促進プログラム)2017-2021プロジェクトも担当し、日本で勉強した留学生の雇用促進に取り組んでいます。

The plenary will be conducted in English.